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Signed RHP Keith Foulke to a One-Year, $5M Contract (2008 Mutual Option)

The deal also includes sizable incentives that could make the deal worth as much as $7M.

Foulke and Borowski will team to pitch the 8th and 8th innings, though the order will be determined during Spring Training. Foulke hasn't been a dominant stopper since Game 4 of the 2004 World Series, but probably has a slight edge over Borowski. Regardless, this should be a situation where whoever is pitching better should be used. There's enough depth now in the bullpen for each pitcher to get his proscribed rest, and enough "experience" for Wedge to use everyone at his disposal in various situations.

Did I mean the Indians should be going with the dreaded "closer by committe?" I know it's heresy to say that in this LaRussan Era, but I think that they should. There's a lot of miles in these pitchers' arms, and every precaution should be taken to keep them fresh over the long summer.

Designated RHP Brian Sikorski for Assignment

Sikorski was a placeholder on the roster if the Indians signed another reliever, and now that that has come to fruition, he's gone. He's useful enough to fill the role of an innings eater, but there are plenty of similar relievers freely available.

Invited LHP Aaron Laffey, LHP Scott Lewis, LHP Chuck Lofgren, RHP Adam Miller, LHP Tony Sipp, and LHP Jason Stanford to Spring Training

A Who's Who of pitching prospects and Jason Stanford. Sipp has an outside shot of pitching this season with the Indians, but the rest should spend 2007 in the minors.

Invited Armando Camacaro, Javi Herrerz, Max Ramirez, and Wyatt Toregas to Spring Traning

Invited SS Asdrubal Cabrera and OF Trevor Crowe to Spring Training