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Orioles Claim Guthrie


When Jeremy was DFAd, I noted that I would be disappointed if the Indians didn't get anything for him, despite the roster limitations he brings with him. Why? For all his performance failures, Guthrie has remained healthy, and he has the stuff to succeed in the majors. He's a problem in search of a solution, so to speak. And given that Baltimore's pitching coach, Leo Mazzone, has a knack of turning flameouts into productive pitchers, this might be the perfect place for Jeremy to land. It's definitely disappointing that the Indians didn't get anything for him, because I'm fairly certain that the Orioles weren't the only club to make a claim on him.

In other news, the annual late-winter Red Sox blockbuster seems to have stalled out; apparently, Todd Helton isn't going anywhere. It is ironic that Boston was unwilling to give in to Colorado's high demands for a very good but very expensive position player, given their annual quest in trading Manny Ramirez.