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Sunday Roundup

Some Tribe problems are good problems. Andy Call, Canton Repository

Eric Wedge on Bob Wickman:

Wedge minced no words in telling the fans at Tuesday's press tour stop in Canton his view of how that transpired. "I don't think anybody thought Bob was going to play this year," Wedge said. "The reason I think that is, he looked us in the eye and told us that. I have a problem with people saying they'll do one thing and doing another. But that's his issue."

Although both he and Mark Shapiro have been alluding to being surprised about Wickman not retiring, this remark makes it fairly clear that the deal was made mostly as a favor to Wickman, although there were other things that the trade did, namely giving the team an opportunity to use the remaining two months to find an internal successor at closer. There's obviously some hurt feelings, though at this point I don't think the Indians are any worse off in replacing Wickman with Foulke and Borowski.

But the most important question Eric Wedge fielded during the team's press tour this winter was whether he would don a mustache this upcoming season:

The first question Wedge fielded in Canton was about whether he intended to again grow the mustache that some superstitious fans felt was at least partially responsible for the team's downfall last year. "Right now, I'm clean-shaven and I've got short hair," Wedge said. "I'm making my mom happy."

That's certainly a relief.

Hey Hoynsie! Paul Hoynes, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

There's too many gems to give them all equal treatment, so I'm picking the "best" of the bunch.

Q: Hey, Hoynsie: Recognizing that the Indians have an inexperienced third baseman in Andy Marte, why didn't they go after a proven power-hitter such as Aubrey Huff and let Marte mature more at Class AAA? -- P.J. Reindel, Jersey City, N.J.

Obviously taking the Trot Nixon signing justification to its logical conclusion. Or is it?  

There are major differences between the two situations. Marte is a much better prospect than Choo has ever been. Note that I realize that prospects can fail. But if I had to wager money on who will have a better pro career, I'd place my bet on Marte without hesitation.

You also have to look as how Huff would fit into the club's needs. He doesn't do anything that Casey Blake couldn't do, and would be a major defensive downgrade over Marte. Plus there's a big difference between what Huff (3/$20M) and Nixon (1/$3M) received.