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The Indians signed a couple of guys to shore up their minor-league depth, but neither really fits their needs at the major-league level.

Signed IF Luis Rivas to a Minor-League Contract; Invited him to Spring Training

Rivas is of course instantly recognizable to most of us because of his long tenure with the Minnesota Twins. He was the Twins' full-time second baseman at age 21, but never really hit - his lifetime line is .262/.307/.383.

Should Joe Inglett or Hector Luna get worried about losing a spot on the roster? Heck no. Rivas doesn't really provide that much, playing a below-average second base while hitting below replacement-level. He's never really played much shortstop, but in order for him to get a shot with the Indians, he'll have to be able to play there.  

Signed IF Keith Ginter to a Minor-League Contract; Invited him to Spring Training

Ginter is another utility guy better suited at second than shortstop. He has a decent bat for a middle infielder, but the Indians have better options in Hector Luna and Joe Inglett. He's likely to be a mainstay in Buffalo, probably as their third baseman.