Bill James Handbook 2007

Anyone else have this yet?  Some really interesting stuff in here.  For example:  


James and the guys at Baseball Info Solutions come up with a plus/minus "bases" system which go a long way to determine who are the best and worst baserunners.

  • 1st to 3rd on a single; 1st to home on a double
  • 2nd to home on single (Grady the best % guy in the majors)
  • Bases taken on wild pitch, passed ball, balk, sac flies
  • Baserunning outs and other factors
  • Conclusions?  The best baserunner by this method was Chone Figgins at +28.  Sizemore was twelfth at +19.  Jason Michaels of all people was 17th at +15.  

    The other thing I found interesting was Travis Hafner was 7th worst at -21 and Victor was 9th worst at -20.  If you project Garko's -7 out to a full season, you begin to wonder if there's another (admittedly small) reason the brass isn't as high on Garko (perhaps they think that these 3 hitting 3, 4, 5 may not be the best lineup construction).  


    All kinds of stuff like # of times a manager used a reliever on consecutive days (Wedge did this 48 times, the fewest in all of baseball).  He also used the fewest relievers in all of baseball (377, while Dusty set an all time high with 542 relievers used.  

    You also have a ton of stuff like the usual 2007 James player projections, a panel of 10 experts ranking the fielders at each position, the win shares, James does a study on manufacturing runs.  

    All heady stuff.  And to end with a completely unrelated note, what an unbelievable sequence of plays by Boise State to win that Fiesta Bowl.  

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