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Signed OF Jason Michaels to a 2-Year, $4.5M Contract (2009 Team Option)

Michaels has 5+ years of service time, and he would have been eligible for free agency at the end of the 2007 season.

Rather than getting into a huff about losing his job to David Dellucci, Jason Michaels seems to have re-embraced being a platoon outfielder. With three starting left-handed outfielders, playing time shouldn't be much of an issue in 2007, but I'm surprised Michaels agreed to stick around for 2008, and even more surprised that the Indians were able to stick an option on the end of the deal.

The deal also in some ways joins Dellucci and Michaels at the hip. Both are now under the Indians' control through 2009, and are much better players when paired. I don't think the duo will be effective that much longer, but their deals are eminently tradable if a suitable replacement presents itself.

Signed RHP Rafael Betancourt to a One-Year, $840K Contract

Betancourt has 3+ years of service time.

Middle relievers tend to be short-changed by the arbitration process (no purdy statistics like saves and wins to flaunt, I guess), but Betancourt  was the team's best reliever down the stretch last season.

Signed RHP Matt Miller to a One-Year, $560K Contract

Miller is a "Super-Two" player, who was eligible for arbitration despite having less than three years of service time. The Indians also have an option left on him, so the raise may coincide with a demotion to Buffalo.

Outrighted Brian Sikorski to Buffalo (AAA); Invited him to Spring Training