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2006/2007 40-Man Roster: Final Version?

After the Indians lost out on Mark Mulder, it looks like they're done with their off-season moves. So what do we have? Let's take a look:

The 40-man Roster is currently full.

Arriving (8)

RHP Roberto Hernandez (Free Agency)
LHP Aaron Fultz (Free Agency)
RHP Joe Borowski (Free Agency)
RHP Keith Foulke (Free Agency)
RHP JD Martin (Contract Purchased)
OF David Dellucci (Free Agency)
OF Ben Francisco (Contract Purchased)
2B Josh Barfield (Trade)

The Indians came into the off-season needing a second baseman and essentially a new bullpen, and that's what they got. They also sniffed around Gary Sheffield and Manny Ramirez before settling on David Dellucci.

Leaving (3)

RHP Brian Sikorski (DFA)
RHP Andrew Brown (Trade)
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff (Trade)

Kouzmanoff and Brown were part of the November trade that brough Josh Barfield to Cleveland. Sikorski was jettisoned after Keith Foulke signed.

Players with 2007 Guaranteed Contracts (14)

OF Casey Blake ($3.75M)
RHP Paul Byrd ($7M)
LHP Cliff Lee ($2.75M)
LHP CC Sabathia ($8.75M)
C   Victor Martinez ($3M)
SS Jhonny Peralta ($750K)
DH Travis Hafner ($3.95M)
OF Grady Sizemore ($750K)
RHP Jake Westbrook ($6.1M)
RHP Keith Foulke ($5.0M)
RHP Joe Borowski ($4.25M)
OF David Dellucci ($3.75M)
RHP Roberto Hernandez ($3.50M)
LHP Aaron Fultz ($1.65M)

The Indians added roughly $18.15M to their 2007 payroll, not counting incentives, with their free agent signings.

Players Eligible for Arbitration (4):

RHP Rafael Betancourt (4th Year)
OF Jason Michaels (6th Year)

RHP Jason Davis (4th Year)
Matt Miller (3rd Year) - 2007 Option

Jason Michaels solidified a spot for himself by doing nothing in particular - actually, it was the signing of another outfielder (Dellucci) that made him a more valuable player to the team. Jason Davis is  going to be in a battle for the final bullpen spot, but as of this moment, he's the favorite to make the team. Matt Miller does have an option left, although I'm unsure if he'll have to pass through waivers because of his service time.

Players With No Options Left (2)

RHP Fernando Cabrera (bullpen)
RHP Jeremy Guthrie (bullpen)

I think this is it, which means that Guthrie (or Davis) should be the only player the Indians will have to let go before the season.

Players with Options Remaining (20):

RHP Fausto Carmona
LHP Juan Lara
RHP JD Martin
RHP Tom Mastny
RHP Edward Mujica
LHP Rafael Perez
RHP Brian Slocum
LHP Jeremy Sowers
C   Kelly Shoppach
1B  Michael Aubrey
1B  Ryan Garko
2B Josh Barfield
IF Joe Inglett
IF Hector Luna
IF Mike Rouse
3B Andy Marte
OF Shin-Soo Choo
OF Ben Francisco
OF Franklin Gutierrez
OF Brad Snyder

The addition of Dellucci has made it impossible for Ryan Garko, Joe Inglett, and Hector Luna to all make the team, so at least one of the three will head back to Buffalo.