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Game Thread(s): September 7, 2006

Cleveland at Chicago, 8:05 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Cliff Lee (11-10, 4.63 ERA)
Chicago: Mark Buerhle (12-11, 4.71 ERA)

Altoona at Akron, 7:05 PM
Eastern League Playoffs
Semifinals, Best-of-5 (AKR 1-0)

Starting Pitchers:

Akron: Aaron Laffey (8-3, 3.53 ERA)
Altoona: Josh Shortslef (6-2, 4.45 ERA)

Salem at Kinston, 7:00 PM
Carolina League Playoffs
Southern Division Series, Best-of-3 (KIN 1-0)

Starting Pitchers:

Kinston: Scott Lewis (3-3, 1.48 ERA)
Salem: Rory Shortell (8-7, 3.23 ERA)

This should an interesting four days in the AL Central: the Twins and Tigers also play a four game set in Minnesota starting tonight. The Twins can claim a share of the division lead with a four-game sweep, and the White Sox can gain a game on one of the two teams ahead of them with each win this weekend.

Travis Hafner is still day-to-day, but I'd think he'd love to be hitting tonight against Buerhle if at all possible. He's also been named a finalist for the AL Hank Aaron Award, given to the best offensive player in each league. You and I know that this should be Pronk's award to lose, but....

The final phase will now be conducted on through Sept. 30, and again fans will choose one player from each league. The two players with the most votes will be announced at a presentation ceremony during the World Series.

The other finalists are Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Justin Morneau, Paul Konerko (!), and Vladimir Guerrero.

AL VORP Totals:

  1.  Hafner - 81.1
  2.  Jeter - 70.0
  3.  Ortiz - 60.4
  4. Guerrero - 56.6
  5. Konerko - 40.3