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News and Notes

The Indians have revealed their plans for the new Indians Hall of Fame. The facility will be called Heritage Park, and it will reside beyond the center field wall, where the present picnic area stands. The monument will recognize the Indians Hall of Fame, a collection of memorable moments, and also the 100 Greatest Indians (selected in 2001). The top tier will house monuments to the 15 Indians who are also in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

What's nice about the design is that fans will be able to visit the park during the game; previously, that area was off-limits because it served as the batter's eye. And it's also nice that the rich tradition of the franchise will be brought out into public view.

Speaking of history, Grady Sizemore joined some elite company on Sunday. By hitting his 25th home run, he joined Lou Gehrig, Chuck Klein and Joe Medwick (all Hall of Famers) as the only players to hit 50 doubles, 10 triples, and 25 home runs in a season. Triples are a lot harder to come by due to modern park configurations, so it's been almost seventy years since anyone else has done it (Medwick in 1937).