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Game Thread: September 21, 2006

Cleveland at Oakland, 3:30 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: CC Sabathia (3.26 ERA, 93)
Oakland: Rich Harden (3.86 ERA, 18)

This is Harden's first start since June 5th, and only his seventh of 2006, this latest DL stint due to a strained elbow ligament. Harden hasn't thrown more than 130 innings since his rookie season two years ago.

A major turning point in Sabathia's career came on July 25th of last year in Oakland. CC was pitching in front of his family and friends, and lasted only 2.1 innings, the latest in a string of poor outings. His ERA after the game rose to 5.24, but by the end of the season he brought it down to 4.03, reflecting his transition from thrower to pitcher. He hasn't looked back.