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Peering Behind the Facade

Normally I keep things Indians-centric, but Tom Verducci's recent story is the most compelling piece of sportswriting I've seen in a while. It croncicles A-Rod's difficult 2006 season, and at the same time, gives you a look into the Yankee clubhouse. The interviews are very candid, almost too candid, and some players end up sounding like jerks. But that's what makes the article so interesting - the players are themselves, not the platitudinal drones we see on television.

I find it fascinating that Rodriguez, who even in one of the worst years of his career is still among the most productive players in the AL, could become the most despised athlete in New York. He hasn't done anything wrong, said anything wrong, or even ingested anything wrong. Yet his every shortcoming on the field gets continual scrutiny. I'm sure a lot of other teams would love to take on such a problem.

Anyway, go read the entire thing.