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Any Given Friday

Box Score

Well, it was freaking ugly, but it was a win. Johan Santana was starting (he of the 18-2 record since April), Fausto Carmona was having a tougher time mastering himself than the Twin hitters, throw in spotty defense, outs at the plate, inconsistent calls, and you get an Indians win. Good thing I didn't put any money down on this game.

If you had needed any more convincing that the Indians need to get a better defender at second base, I doubt you have any now. Joe Inglett, for all his scrappiness and grit, can't really handle an everyday job, and Hector Luna looks plain sluggish wherever he plays. Maybe Wedge is playing Luna at short in order to show fans that Jhonny Peralta is actually pretty decent, but I think everyone's seen enough to make a conclusion.

Akron will live to play another day; they defeated Portland 6-4. Brian Barton, the organization's best story of 2006, went 3-5 and drove in what proved to be the winning run. Tony Sipp, who could make next year's Indians bullpen, pitched the ninth for the save.