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Todd Hollandsworth and Franklin's Redemption

Traded OF Todd Hollandsworth to the Cincinnati Reds for a PTBNL or Cash

The Indians are in full tryout mode, so there's no point in keeping a spare part like Hollandsworth around. Todd served his purpose with the Indians, and put in a couple good weeks of every day play while both Jason Michaels and Casey Blake were on the Disabled List.

Recalled OF Franklin Gutierrez from Buffalo

The young get younger. Gutierrez has been on a hot streak of late, hitting .368/.429/.684 in August, but his overall numbers don't scream for playing time. He'll probably steal some at-bats from Jason Michaels down the stretch, and should be playing right field against left-handers.

Signed LHP Cliff Lee to a 3-year Extension

Cot's Baseball Contracts breaks the contract down like so:

  1. $750K
  2. $2.75M
  3. $3.75M
  4. $5.75M
  5. $8.0M Option ($1M buyout)
Even with Lee regressing this season, it's a pretty good deal. Signing Lee takes care of the biggest arbitration case facing the team this winter, and it pretty much locks in the price for next year's rotation. Do I even need to mention how much it helps for a team to develop its own pitching?