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Familiar Territory


You know the drill; it's becoming familiar by now. Offense scores runs early, starter runs out of gas, the bullpen blows the lead.

Instead of wasting cyberspace opining on why Fernando Cabrera can only keep the ball down after giving up the lead, let me give a couple quick impressions on some of the new guys:

-Joe Inglett. Until tonight, Super Joe's looked a lot like I thought he'd look; a short, quick swing, gap power, good speed. I haven't been that impressed on the defensive end so far; his arm looks below-average, and he doesn't look that smooth on the pivot.

-Shin-Soo Choo. His swing isn't the typical left-handed swing, but it seems to generate more than enough power, as Josh Beckett found out yesterday. I obviously like his arm, and his range seems to be good for right field. That he can crush a high fastball is now well-known, so he'll probably start getting the same kind of treatment Jhonny Peralta's been getting this season.

-Andy Marte. He's only been up a week, and hasn't been playing every day (?!), but a lot of the conflicting scouting reports are starting to make sense, especially on the defensive end. He definitely has the athletic ability to play the position, as indicated by several plays made tonight, but he's still not a finished product.  

As mentioned here, Trevor Crowe is back in the lineup for the Aeros. He's exceeded just about everybody's expectations for him, and although the Indians are talking about moving him to second base, I think he could help the team more quickly in left field. You can't really compare his situation to Ryan Garko, because (a) there isn't an impact player in left field, (b) he can actually play the position, and (c) he'll get to Cleveland quicker if you don't move him.