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Mr. Everything

Box Score

Tradeoffs are a part of the game. Do you go with a smooth fielder with no bat, or a masher with no glove? Speed but poor plate discipline, or an eagle eye with the acceleration of a three-toed sloth.

Then you have Grady Sizemore, who does virtually everything well. He hits for power, he walks, he steals bases, he has fantastic range, and he takes good routes on fly balls. If the Indians were anywhere close to making the playoffs, he'd be getting MVP hype. Heck, he's leading the AL in extra-base hits, already has more than 100 runs scored, and has all the intangibles that crusty sportswriters love.

It was also nice to see Fernando Cabrera show some of that expected dominance when called upon to clean up Paul Byrd's mess in the sixth inning. He located his fastball, and everything else fell into place. And Tom Mastny? Sometimes good things can come out of nowhere.