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Carmona Back to Buffalo, Starting

Optioned RHP Fausto Carmona to Buffalo (AAA)

Recalled RHP Edward Mujica from Buffalo (AAA)

That Carmona was demoted isn't really the big story here; it's the reason behind the demotion that's interesting:

Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said the plan is to have Carmona go to the minors and make two starts before he's brought back to Cleveland.

Carmona (1-8) will likely replace rookie Jeremy Sowers, who has already thrown 168 innings -- nine more than last season. Since the Indians are no longer in contention, they don't want to overuse Sowers, who improved to 6-3 on Friday night.

Let's review. Carmona came into the season one of the organization's best starter prospects. He was  recalled when CC Sabathia went on the Disabled List, and was decent. When the bullpen went to hell in a handbasket, he was moved there as a matter of necessity. When Bob Wickman was dealt, he drew the short straw, becoming the team's closer. His one week as Indians closer was one of the worst weeks I've ever seen a reliever have.

Fausto was a pretty good starter prospect before the season, and there was no inclination to make him a reliever. He ended up in the bullpen as a matter of circumstance, not of his attributes. If he's not going to close, there should be no earthly reason put him back in the bullpen. Tell him that he's going to be a starter, give him regalar turns in the rotation, wherever that may be, and if the Indians need a starter next year, he'll be waiting in Buffalo.