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Game Thread: August 24, 2006

Cleveland at Kansas City, 8:10 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: CC Sabathia (8-8, 3.29 ERA)
Kansas City: Mark Redman (7-8, 5.79 ERA)

Well, that was fun. 28 runs, 35 hits (15 for extra bases), 13 pitchers, a 9-run blown lead, and 10 innings made for a wild baseball game. Sure, the game meant very little for both teams, but hey, it was entertaining.

The PTBNL from the Ben Broussard trade was announced today:

Acquired LHP Shawn Nottingham (A+) from the Seattle Mariners


Nottingham is from my neck of the woods - a graduate of Jackson High School near Canton. He was a 13th round pick in 2003, and has been pitching in the California League this year. He missed a large portion of 2005 with arm injuries, but has made 26 starts this year, posting a 4.17 ERA in 157 innings. The trade is good timing for Shawn, as he could easily be in Akron next year, just 30 minutes from home.

He's a fringe prospect, especially in the Indians' system, but he's not old for his league and his peripherals look decent.