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Game Thread: August 22, 2006

Cleveland at Kansas City, 8:10 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Cliff Lee (10-8, 4.61 ERA)
Kansas City: Odalis Perez (0-1, 5.32 ERA)

Does anyone start games at five after the hour anymore? If this is the networks' doing, it's not working on me - I'll just flip around for 10 or 15 minutes while the extra commercials are playing.

The Royals were essentially given the services of Odalis Perez last month. Perez re-signed with the Dodgers after the 2004 season to the tune of 3 years/$24M. Just 18 months later, the Dodgers sent Perez and 8 million dollars to Kansas City for Elmer Dessens. This actually isn't a bad deal from the Royals' perspective; they need pitching badly, and the Dodgers are subsidizing a large portion of the contract, including paying off Perez's $4.5M signing bonus.

These pitchers were given multi-year deals during the 2004/2005 offseason:

Kris Benson (3)
Matt Clement (3)
Orlando Hernandez (2)
Cory Lidle (2)
Jon Lieber (3)
Derek Lowe (4)
Pedro Martinez (4)
Eric Milton (3)
Russ Ortiz (4)
Carl Pavano (4!)
Odalis Perez (3)
Brad Radke (2)
David Wells (2)
Paul Wilson (2)
Jaret Wright (3)