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Game Thread: August 17, 2006

Cleveland at Minnesota, 1:10 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Paul Byrd (7-6, 4.72 ERA)
Minnesota: Matt Garza (0-1, 23.63 ERA)

Hey, it's day baseball in August...Indoors! With the AstroTurf scourge finally gone from the game, replaced by the semi-realistic FieldTurf, the next eyesores to go should be non-retractable domed stadiums.

Spring Training v. 2.0 continues, with Franklin Gutierrez in left field and Hector Luna at shortstop:

CF Sizemore
LF Gutierrez
DH Hafner
C  Martinez
RF Choo
1B Garko
SS Luna
2B Inglett
3B Marte