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Game Thread: August 1, 2006

Cleveland at Boston, 7:05 PM (WKYC)

Starting Pitchers:

Boston: Jason Johnson (3-10, 6.35 ERA)
Cleveland: CC Sabathia (7-7, 3.82 ERA)

The Indians do get something good out of Jason Johnson in 2006: they get to face him. Johnson hasn't been any better in his two starts with Boston; he's given up 9 runs and 13 hits in just 8 innings pitched.

One blown save isn't going to knock Fausto Carmona out of the closer's role. It would be idiotic to give Carmona the role and then remove him after one outing, especially given the team's circumstance. If you believe in a player enough to give him the role, you should give him every opportunity to succeed.

The historic battle for second base begins tonight, with both Joe Inglett and Hector Luna in the lineup (Luna's at third).