Bullpen Breakdown

I'm curious what everyone thinks about the 2007 bullpen.  Obviously one of the big disappointments of 2006, nonetheless some interesting raw material there to lay the foundation for 2007.  

There's a lot to filter through for the rest of the season and into next year:

No set closer for 2007 (and not much in terms of free agent options)
Can Betancourt/Cabrera straighten themselves out from their WBC-induced comas this season?
Will Matt Miller be healthy again (scheduled to pitch again in late Aug/early Sept?)
A lot of fringy guys who (I think) are out of options next year in Stanford, Guthrie, Davis, and Brown.

I don't even know who the absolutes are at this point, beyond Betancourt and Carmona.  Cabrera has been pretty bad this year, but he's out of options already so he has to fix things on the big club.  Perez seems on track to lock down a spot if he just keeps doing what he's doing.  Mujica looks great but he's got options remaining.  

Even if they don't go outside the organization to get a "proven closer", it seems like the front office would have to add at least one free agent reliever with somewhat of a track record (unless the Howry contract is the new standard for decent set up men).  But then again, everyone right now is looking for bullpen arms and there's not a lot out there.  

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