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Profile: Jeremy Sowers

Born: 5-17-83
College: Vanderbilt
Acquired: 2004 Draft (1st Round, 6th overall)
Throws: Left



Sowers was a known quantity from the time the Indians drafted him, their highest pick in over a decade. Sowers made it to the big leagues after a season and a half in the minors.


Sowers has four pitches that he'll use:

(1) Fastball (~87-89 mph)
(2) Slider
(3) Curveball
(4) Changeup


What's separated him from prospects with better stuff is his accuracy and makeup. His pitches have movement, and he knows how to spot them. He's been very consistant from start to start in the minors.


His strikeout rate dropped considerably from last year, probably a result of facing hitters with better plate discipline. He has less margin for error than pitchers with better fastballs, so he has to mix his pitches effectively to get outs.

The Future:

With the Indians out of contention, Sowers should stay in the rotation the rest of the way. His upside isn't as tantalizing as Adam Miller or Chuck Lofgren, but he's a major-league starter right now.