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Profile: Joe Inglett

Born: 6-29-78
College: Nevada
Acquired: 2000 Draft (8th Round)
Bats Left, Throws Right
Positions: 2B (primary), SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF


Joe Inglett was drafted six years ago, and played mostly at second base until the high minors, when he started some at shortstop and the outfield. This season, the Indians demoted him to Akron in order to get some more experience at shortstop. He apparently passed the test, because he appears to be with the big-league club to stay.


Inglett's strength is his batting eye. He's a career .303/.379/.419 hitter, with about as many walks as strikeouts. He's not going to hit for much power as a major-leaguer, but given his role, it shouldn't hurt him that much.


He's versatile enough to play pretty much anywhere on the field, but isn't an above-average fielder at any position. He's most suited for second base.


Decent speed, but not much of a basestealer. With a lot of plodders in the starting lineup, will probably get used as a pinch runner.