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Game Thread/Trade Talk - July 31, 2006

Cleveland at Boston, 7:05 PM (STO/ESPN)

Starting Pitchers:

Boston: David Wells (0-1, 8.64 ERA)
Cleveland: Paul Byrd (7-6, 4.71 ERA)

Time for something different: I'll be live-blogging the game tonight, analyzing the action on the field as well as the deadline deals, with an obvious slant towards the Indians.

6:47 PM. Lineups are posted:

CF Grady Sizemore
LF Jason Michaels
DH Travis Hafner
1B Victor Martinez
RF Casey Blake
SS Jhonny Peralta
2B Hector Luna
C Kelly Shoppach
3B Andy Marte

1B Kevin Youkillis
2B Mark Loretta
DH David Ortiz
LF Manny Ramirez
3B Mike Lowell
C Jason Varitek
CF Coco Crisp
RF Wily Mo Pena
SS Alex Cora

A lot of former Indians/Red Sox. I believe this is the first time Marte and Shoppach have been in the lineup at the same time.