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Broussard Traded to Seattle

Press Release

I'll post an in-depth analysis later, but here's a quick overview:

-The Indians sold high on Broussard.

-Choo hit .323/.393/.499 in Tacoma and stole 26 bases in 30 attempts. He has a good arm but doesn't have the range for center field - in other words, he's a right fielder.

-Choo replaces Broussard on the roster.

-The Indians are probably looking at signing a first baseman this winter. My money's on Sean Casey.

UPDATE:  Here's Choo's Choo's career stats and 2006 stats.  Here's his 2006 splits, which are already causing a bit of a stir.  My advice would be, don't just look at the lefty-righty OPS, look at the lefty-righty BABIP.

Choo turned 24 just two weeks ago. [Jay]