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Sunday Roundup

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Given it's July, we might as well explore some trade runors.

Milwaukee and Atlanta are still in the running for playoff spots in the National League, and have bullpen problems. The price for reliable relievers seem to be at an all-time high given last week's Reds-Nationals deal. And the Indians happen to have Proven Closer Bob Wickman sitting in the bullpen.

From Milwaukee:

In the meantime, general manager Doug Melvin can work the phones and try to orchestrate a trade that will bring the bullpen some relief. If Melvin can acquire a player with experience at the back-end of a game -- like Cleveland's Bob Wickman or Guillermo Mota -- the Brewers will have some protection if Turnbow can't find his groove in a hurry.

From Atlanta:

OK, anyway ... folks, sorry to be the latest to bring this up, but there's apparently just not much out there in the way of available bullpen arms, no Kyle Farnsworths this time around. The Braves got him, the best available bullpen arm, at least year" deadline. This year, they might have to settle for Bob Wickman or someone of that ilk.

Braves have been scouting Cleveland games lately, and Wickman is a guy they also pursued this winter. The chunky vet isn't the sexy 100-mph power arm that Farnsworth was, but Wickman also isn't as flaky, introverted and prone to weeping after giving up big homers, either.

Wickman has converted a respectable 13-of-16 saves this season with an unexceptional 4.50 ERA, and he's allowed just one homer in in 26 innings. Right-handers have hit just .213 against him with a .288 OBP, lefties .333/.411. So if Macay McBride can get out crucial lefties, it might work -- at least better than what the Braves have now.

By no means are Milwaukee and Atlanta the only two teams that could use another reliever. Kyle Farnsworth hasn't worked out for the Yankees, and they're looking for bullpen help. The Rockies are looking for help. I don't think it'll be an issue in getting a taker for Wickman. The sticking point is whether Wickman, who now has 10-and-5 rights, will agree to go somewhere else. Milwaukee seems to be a nice fit, as Bob grew up in Wisconsin, and the Brewers have a nice stable of prospects to deal.

In other trade rumors:

The Yankees supposedly have an interest in Todd Hollandsworth.

Brewers scouts recently scouted Guillermo Mota, and came away unimpressed. Shocking.