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Game Thread: July 13, 2006

Cleveland at Minnesota, 8:10 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Cliff Lee (8-6, 4.76 ERA)
Minnesota: Francisco Liriano (10-1, 1.83 ERA)

It's very rare when a pitcher dominates major-league hitters like Liriano has:

88.1 IP, 1.83 ERA, 63 H, 102 SO, 23 BB

Those are the types of numbers a 22-year-old pitcher puts up in A-ball, not against polished major-league hitters. He's doing this mainly because of his stuff, which is pretty scary; just think what will happen gets better at setting up hitters.

Casey Blake is off the DL, and Franklin Gutierrez is headed back to Buffalo. This is probably a temporary furlough for Gutierrez, as the Indians have several position players that might not be in Cleveland by the time August rolls around.