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Game Thread: July 1, 2006

Cleveland at Cincinnati, 6:10 PM (STO)
Fox national blackout in effect for out-of-town viewers

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Cliff Lee (7-5, 4.61 ERA)
Cincinnati: Joe Mays (0-4, 7.36 ERA)

This one has the early look of a mismatch, but it's hard to take any expectations seriously at this point.  Cliff Lee scuffled a little in his last start but ended up with a solid six-inning, 2 ER performance; the Indians got a 10-3 win to start a torrid two-game winning streak.  Lee's ERA, month-by-month:  2.97, 7.79, 3.09.  He gave the Indians a good chance to win all five of his starts in June, and but for a blown save by Rafael Betancourt, Lee would have finished the month with a 5-0 record.  Mays is fresh off what is literally his only non-blowout start out of seven this season, a tidy little six-inning job at Shea.

The Pronk gets the start at first base, and one has to wonder if, at this point, a season-ending elbow injury would even surprise anyone.  Garko rides the pine.  UPDATE:  Hafner apparently was pulled from the lineup at the last minute in favor of Broussard.  Absolutely no love for Garko.