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Sunday Roundup

Carmona Steps Up in Pen Role. Paul Hoynes, PD

Fausto Carmona has looked good since becoming a reliever; he hasn't given up a run in 7.2 innings of work, and hasn't walked anyone, either.

So is Fausto a reliever, or is he a starter? The age-old question. Right now, he's probably needed more in the bullpen than in the rotation. But the organization doesn't really know where he'll be more effective:

"It depends on who you talk to in the organization," said manager Eric Wedge. "Some people like him as a starter, others as a reliever.

"It's more about our need. Right now we need him in the bullpen. He's stepping up and we'll keep rolling with it."

With Guillermo Mota relief poison right now, you could start seeing Carmona working more high-leverage situations, joining Jason Davis and Fernando Cabrera in the 6th and 7th innings. As to his long-term role, it all depends on other players and team needs. If Jeremy Sowers supplants Jason Johnson, there may be no need for another starter in 2007.

Scott Sauerbeck hasn't seen much change in fan support after his trouble with the law:

Scott Sauerbeck said the fans' reaction at Jacobs Field to his arrest last week "is about what you'd expect. The college kids that drink at the bar above the bullpen are still my best fans."