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Game Thread: June 27, 2006

Cleveland at St. Louis, 8:10 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: CC Sabathia (5-4, 4.18 ERA)
St. Louis: Anthony Reyes (1-1, 1.80 ERA)

One of the few benefits to following a team that's out of contention so early in the season is that you can watch the games with a passiveness that you can't do if your team is fighting for a playoff spot. You can examine things with a detached view, and not get caught up in silly things like wins and losses. It's like you're watching a random game on ESPN or Extra Innings.

Reyes shot through the Cardinals system after being drafted in the 13th round three years ago (he fell because of injury concerns), and is the reigning top prospect of the St. Louis organization (per Baseball America). His generally throws his fastball in the 92-94 range, and his best off-speed pitch is his changeup. CC Sabathia, his opponent, is just 15 months older, yet has made 162 more starts.