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Trade Idea

An interesting idea....

The Dodgers are looking for a third baseman, as Bill Mueller might not play the rest of the season. Tomorrow they're starting Cesar Izturis, last year's starting shortstop, at third base. Izturis lost his job when the Dodgers signed Rafael Furcal last off-season, and has no long-term position with the Dodgers. He's signed through 2007 ($4.15M), with an option for 2008 ($5.45M).

By now, you know where I'm going with this. Izturis is a fantastic defensive infielder, and although shortstop is his natural position, playing second base shouldn't be a problem. Aaron Boone isn't going to be here next year, and the Indians obviously could use a middle infielder who can play defense. It would also allow the Indians to deal Ronnie Belliard without worrying about who replaces him.

The downside: Izturis isn't a very good hitter. He  hit .257/.302/.322 before injuring his shoulder last year (which is another mark against him).

But if all it takes to get Izturis is Aaron Boone (or Boone plus a minor prospect), then it's a gamble well worth taking.