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The End is Near


An outstanding start by Jake Westbrook, several good defensive plays, and a loss. Thanks to one pitcher not doing his job. I'm not going to belabor how the Indians lost, as all it would do would depress me and you further.

Now the Indians are 15 games back of first with three teams ahead of them. The Indians are 11.5 games back of the Wild Card Leader with seven teams ahead of them. It's just about time to start marking players like Ronnie Belliard and Bob Wickman and Jason Johnson with "For Sale" signs and call it a competitive season.

There have been some good things about this Indians team, but that makes losing like this even more frustrating. The 1980s teams would lose because they were bad teams, and you accepted it, not because you wanted to, but because it was right there in front of you. This team should not be this bad.