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Game Thread: June 16, 2006

Season 106, Game 66

Cleveland (31-34) at Milwaukee (32-35), 8:05 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: CC Sabathia (5-2, 2.62 ERA)
Milwaukee: Chris Capuano (6-4, 3.35 ERA)

All three Brewer starters the Indians will see this weekend come from (directly or indirectly) a trade Milwaukee made in December of 2003. They traded Richie Sexson to the Diamondbacks for six players, including tonight's starter. Lyle Overbay, another of the players received in the deal, was traded last winter to Toronto for pitchers Dave Bush and Zach Jackson and outfielder Gabe Gross. Bush and Jackson will start the last two games of the series.