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Expect the Unexpected


12 runs in a game started by Jose Contreras? It turned out that the Indians needed most of those runs. Paul Byrd had control issues in the first few innings, leading to 5 runs by the third. He settled down, and pitched through the sixth. That was a big deal, given the Indians' bullpen depth.

Walks cost the Indians in the seventh inning as well, as Scott Sauerbeck walked two batters with two outs. Fernando Cabrera came in and promptly gave up a three-run jack to Jermaine Dye. But Fernando eventually got the win, and that's all that matters.

The offense, even with the heart of the order largely stifled, would not be stopped. In the bottom of the seventh, Ronnie Belliard battled Brandon McCarthy and eventually got a pitch he could drive, putting the Indians ahead to stay.

Lesson learned from this game? Sometimes a really good offense can bail you out, and lessen the margin of error for a pitching staff.