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Game Thread: May 8, 2006

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Season 106, Game 33

Cleveland (17-15) at Kansas City (7-22), 8:10 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Paul Byrd (4-2, 7.11 ERA)
Kansas City: Denny Bautista (0-1, 4.19 ERA)

Kansas City GM Allard Baird is probably going to be fired this week. Baird has made some decent moves, but I think that when he botched the Carlos Beltran trade, it was the final straw. When you're trading a veteren to a contender, you want the best return you can can sort out the excess later. Instead, the Royals went for players to fill organizational holes, and got Mark Teahen, John Buck, and Mike Wood, and still have holes at catcher, third base, and the rotation.

Acquiring Denny Baustista was one of Baird's good moves. The Royals got him for Jason Grimsley(!) in 2004. Bautista has a good arm, and has pretty good potential if he can stay healthy. Much to the Indians' chagrin, the Royals DFAd Joe Mays in order to activate Bautista off the Disabled List.