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A Series Win

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Jarrod Washburn was very effective today, holding the Indians to just four hits, but CC Sabathia was better, shutting out the Mariners over eight innings. CC's seven hits allowed were all singles, and he didn't walk anyone.

The Mariners' infield isn't hitting, but they really impressed me with their defense. Adrian Beltre may be one of the biggest free agent busts of the past decade, but he's the best defensive third baseman in the AL right now. And Yunieski Betancourt combines an outstanding arm with impressive range.

Speaking of defense, the Indians' team defense has slipped quite a bit from last year. The Indians rank 26th in baseball in Defensive Efficiency, a measure of how many balls a defense turns into outs. A lot of that is due to all the errors that they've been committing, but range has something to do with it. With three groundball pitchers on the staff, infield range is extremely important.