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Best of Both Worlds

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As the game began last night, I was watching the Cavaliers blow a second-half lead. Being one of the few people in the civilized world without Tivo, I wore out the remote in flipping between games. Time out? Click. Groundout? Click. Blown lead? Click.

LeBron bailed the Cavaliers out just before the 7th inning started. And I flipped over to the Indians game just before the Tribe blew open a 5-3 game with a 9-run inning. How's that for timing?  

Paul Byrd is now 4-2, and is just under half-way to Kevin Millwood's win total from last year. It's funny how run support works; all Byrd has had to do is give up less than 5 runs, and he'll get the victory. Now obviously this isn't going to last, but Paul has shown signs of regaining his past success. He went seven innings last night, scattering hits, but never caving in completely.

The amazing thing about last night's game is that the Indians scored 14 runs despite Victor Martinez sitting out. Kelly Shoppach, who was playing for Victor, got a key single to keep that seventh inning going. Jason Michaels and Jhonny Peralta has seven hits between them; they are now hitting .272 and .261, respectively.