Hot Prospects

Well, the Tribe isn't doing too well right now, but I've spent many years finding optimism in the minors (especially in the 70s and 80s).

Today, there was plenty of optimism in BA's prospect hot sheet. Three of the 10 spots were tribe members: #1 Sowers, #4 Kouzmanoff, #9 Crowe. Then, of the 15 more "in the team photo," we had two: John Drennen and Scott Lewis.

It seems likely we will see Sowers in the majors soon. I also continue to think that the tribe should jump Kouzmanoff from AA to the majors to see what he can do. He's older and hotter than Marte right now. Perhaps he can learn another position than 3B, if Marte develops and Kouz proves he can hit major-league pitching anywhere close to the way he hits in the minors.

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