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I Don't Know Anything


Carl Willis tried a tactic he used with Jake Westbrook before; he had Tim Laker set up in the middle of the plate, and let Jason Johnson's sinker go to either side of the plate. It worked; his sinker actually sunk, and he turned in six strong innings. Today's outing probably saved his spot in the rotation.

Kenny Rogers didn't have his command, and was out of the game by the fifth inning. By this time, the Indians were up 5-0 and in control of the game. Jason Michaels hit his second homer of the year off of left-hander Bobby Seay to make the final margin of victory nine runs.

Michaels has only three extra-base hits against right-handers this season, and 26 of his 37 strikeouts have come against righties. I think you'll be seeing Blake batting second more often against right-handers. This guy could be useful, if only as a replacement for Todd Hollandsworth.