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Track Records


Sometimes all you have to go by in baseball are track records, because often the player you see at one given point in time won't look like the player you'll see in the statistical rolls. The length of the season and the up-and-down nature of the game makes for uneven results from week to week.

Still, it was comforting to see Paul Byrd be uh...Paul Byrd today. He confounded the opposing hitters with his 80-something mph pitches, getting harmless pop-ups or routine grounders from pitches that normally get hit hard somewhere had they been thrown by somebody else. That's the way Byrd has operated for much of his career, and hopefully his past few starts represent a return to normalcy for him.                    

It was also comforting to see Rafael Betancourt come in from the bullpen in the eighth. Last season we were spoiled by the relief corps, and a combination of injuries and ineffectiveness made for a nightmare first six weeks of the season from that facet of the club.

The Indians are entering a pretty important stretch games against AL Central rivals. They face the Twins for two (including Johan Santana on Tuesday), then head to Detroit to play the scalding-hot Tigers, and finally return home to take on the White Sox to finish out the month. So taking care of business in the last two series of the homestand was a big boost for a team that needed a reversion to normalcy, and for track records to manifest themselves on the field.