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A Good Night for Southpaws

Box Score

CC Sabathia was crisp, accurate, and deadly tonight. He polished off the Pirates with 102 pitches, 77 of them for strikes. We've seen glimpses of CC finally turning that corner, but I really believe that he now "gets it." He wasn't throwing that hard (he touched 95 once or twice), but he racked up the strikeouts by mixing his pitches.

The Indians only managed five hits tonight, and three of them came in the first inning. Zach Duke really settled down after that, even with all the walks.

Jeremy Sowers also threw a complete game tonight, although Sowers only had to go seven innings to get the shutout. Jeremy allowed just two baserunners: a walk in the first inning, and a single in the second. He retired the last eighteen batters he faced.