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Reinstated LHP CC Sabathia from the 15-day Disabled List

Optioned RHP Brian Slocum to Buffalo (AAA)

Slocum allowed 4 runs in his 4.2 innings of work. His biggest problem was lack of control; he walked 5 during his first major-league stint.

Eric Wedge loves having defined roles for his bullpen, and he doesn't deviate from them very often. So I'd expect seeing Cabrera/Davis/Mota/Wickman, in that order, if the Indians have a lead. Danny Graves may also get some play because he's actually been effective recently (four outings without a run allowed). Jeremy Guthrie will probably continue to do long relief, and Scott Sauerbeck will continue to pitch (poorly) to left-handers.

Signed LHP Vic Darensbourg to a minor-league contract

Adding to their collection of journeymen left-handers in Buffalo. Darensbourg split time between Toledo and Detroit in 2005; he somehow maintained a 2.82 ERA despite allowing 24 hits and striking out only 9 in his 22.1 major-league innings of work.