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Indians Postponed, Other Thoughts

The rain finally caught up with the Indians at Jacobs Field, postponing tonight's game.

The vogue topic of the past week is What's Wrong with the Indians? Aphorisms and cliches may sound nice, but let me reiterate that most of the time, it comes down to execution. I've touched on the run prevention troubles, which includes both the pitching and the defense.

I'm fairly confident that the starting pitching will get better, especially Paul Byrd, who has a long-term track record of success. The bullpen is still being tinkered with, with roles in flux. It's easier to fix a bullpen on the fly than the lineup or the rotation, and the talent is there for the relief to at least have a modicum of success.

It's not time to panic, but at the same time, the division isn't going to allow much time to fix some of the issues. The AL Wild Card race is looking very competitive with the relative parity in the American League. 90 wins may make the playoffs, but that will be due to the overall strength of the league, not a bunch of mediocre clubs fighting their way to the bottom.