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Minor-League Update: April, Part III

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Part One
Part Two

Now the ones that slipped below the radar in AAA and AA:

(1) RHP Ed Mujica
    AA: 19.0 IP, 0.00 ERA, 11 H, 17 SO, 9 BB
    Trend: Level

    Mujica was a mediocre starter in 2004, but took off once moved to the bullpen. He's Akron's closer, but the Indians might move him out of that role to get him some more innings. He's a possible reinforcement for Cleveland.

(2) 2B Eider Torres
    AA: 124 AB, .298/.351/.339, 19 SO, 10 BB
    Trend: Up

    Torres has only four extra-base hits, but he's young enough (23) that he might hit for more power down the road. His strong suit is his speed and defense, and the Indians should put him on the 40-man roster after the season.

(3) IF Joe Inglett
    AAA: 56 AB, .321/.387/.429, 10 SO, 5 BB
    AA: 38 AB, .500/.548/.711, 4 BB, 2 SO
    Trend: Up

    The Indians recently demoted Inglett to Akron so that he could play shortstop for an extended period of time. If he can play the position, he could unseat current utility infielder Ramon Vazquez in Cleveland. Like Vazquez, Inglett bats left-handed and throws right-handed. In 5 years in the minors, he's hitting .303/.384/.424.

(4) LHP Rafael Perez
    AA: 36.1 IP, 4.71 ERA, 41 H, 33 SO, 10 BB
    Trend: Level

    He's of interest because of his handedness, and also because he could move into the bullpen. He's already made one appearance in the big leagues, and if Scott Sauerbeck continues to struggles, might get a more extended opportunity.

(5) RHP Brian Slocum
    AAA: 13.1 IP, 1.35 ERA, 6 H, 14 SO, 3 BB
    Trend: Up

    Another example of a mediocre starter turning into a good reliever. Slocum was probably the most puzzling addition to the 40-man roster last winter, but has been excellent thus far in Buffalo. He also has made a couple of appearance in the majors.

(6) OF Jonathan Van Every
    AA: 110 AB, .309/.395/.555, 36 SO, 15 BB
    Trend: Level

    This is the sort of line that Brad Snyder should have been putting up. Van Every has been a long-term project for the organization, moving up the ladder slowly. He hit .193/.261/.335 for Lake County in 2003, so these kind of numbers in AA are quite an improvement. Like Snyder, Van Every will strike out a lot, but he's been walking a lot as well. He needs to be in Buffalo to see what he'll do against AAA pitching.

(7) RHP Tom Mastny
    AA: 23.0 IP, 1.17 ERA, 11 H, 29 SO, 7 BB
    Trend: Up

    Mastny came over from Toronto for John McDonald, and was forced into a relief role because of all the starters the organization has. Another guy to keep an eye on.

(8) Bubbie Buzachero
    AA: 19.1 IP, 0.98 ERA, 20 H, 13 SO, 7 BB
    Trend: Level

    Buzachero also came from the Toronto organization. His peripherals aren't as good as Mastny's, so I'm skeptical if his ERA is really statistically significant.

Next: Kinston and Lake County