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The Tipping Point

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This isn't to blame Danny Graves entirely for the loss tonight, but if Graves is the answer with a two-run lead, you're asking the wrong question.

Graves at this point in his career should be a garbage guy, doing what Terry Mulholland did during his time in Cleveland. His stuff isn't good enough to merit high-leverage use. Steve Karsay is doing well in Buffalo; it's time to cut bait on Graves and try someone else.

Of course, Jason Davis didn't do any better, pouring gasoline on the offensive brush fire. The box score says he only gave up one earned run, but  he pitched much worse than that.

What's so frustrating is that the Indians scored 7 runs on 14 hits, and still lost. Yeah, you can complain all you want about not getting more runs across, but it shouldn't have mattered.