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First Place

With a sweep of the Twins (and the Rangers beating the Tigers), the Indians finish the season's first week in a tie for first place in the AL Central.  The White Sox and Twins are 3 and 4 games behind respectively.

In other news:

  • Casey Blake is an MVP candidate.
  • Westbrook vs. Santana + Indians lineup vs. Twins lineup = a fair fight
  • Eduardo Perez is on pace to hit 54 home runs ... in 54 games.
  • Fernando Cabrera ... false alarm.  We think.
  • A guy who averages 6.4 innings per start, never misses one, and has an ERA 20 percent better than league average for the past two years is "barely a good pitcher."
  • Bob Dolgan is kind of losing his mind and may be the leading cause of Cleveland fans' defeatist mentality.
  • The Pronk is getting even more Pronky every day.
  • We might like Guillermo Mota.
  • We might like Jason Michaels.
  • We might not be desperate for an Andy Marte callup.
  • Bob Wickman is a great closer.
  • ... and after five games and our top pitcher going on the DL ... the national media nonetheless suddenly figured out that the Indians are possibly the best team in baseball.
Plenty of room on this bandwagon.