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Placed LHP CC Sabathia on the 15-day Disabled List (oblique)

The first player to go on the disabled list this season. The injury is supposedly similar to the one he suffered last spring. My guess is that he'll be back around May 1st. Last year's injury took about 4-5 weeks to come back from, and that included CC ramping up his endurance for the regular season.

Recalled RHP Jason Davis from Buffalo (AAA)

Hopefully Jason is familiar with I-90, because it looks like he'll be traversing that highway often this summer. Davis is in Cleveland until the Indians need a 5th starter.

Traded RHP Kazuhito Tadano to the Oakland Athletics for OF Ramon Alvarado

Alvarado is a semi-interesting prospect. He made his US debut in 2005 in the Arizona League at the age of 20. He posted a line of .296/.412/.497, with good strikeout/walk ratios. His OBP was inflated a bit with 11 HBPs. John Sickels gave him a grade of C+ in his most recent organizational ratings.

I have little problem with the return Shapiro got for Tadano, but it is a bit irksome that the only reason Tadano was traded was to get Danny Graves on the roster. Kazuhito may not be anything more than a 6th starter/swingman, but it's always nice to have as much depth as possible.