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Month in Review - April

Record: 13-11
Runs Scored: 154
Runs Allowed: 132

This being the last day of April, the Indians have guaranteed a winning record for the month of the April, the last time they've done it since 2002.

This season, the run production segment of the team has been outstanding, while the run prevention segment has been mediocre at best. The Indians have scored 154 runs, best in baseball, and are 10th in the AL in ERA at 5.42.

While some of the run prevention issues has to do with four pitchers on the Disabled List, some of the established pitchers have done the most damage. Paul Byrd and Jake Westbrook have been blown out of the game multiple times this young season. And while the track records of both pitchers indicate that they'll turn it around eventually, getting CC Sabathia back in the rotation will be a most welcome sign.

The bullpen has been hurt thanks to injuries as well as starters continually leaving after 5 or less innings. The Indians have the depth to survive injuries by both Rafael Betancourt and Matt Miller, but the trick is going to be determining who will fill those roles. Jason Davis has looked pretty good in his first foray as a middle reliever, and Fernando Cabrera will be back in the bullpen tonight.

On offense, most of the usual suspects have been contibuting to the offense, including a couple of the "Killer Bs". Casey Blake and Ben Broussard/Eduardo Perez have both had outstanding Aprils, while Aaron Boone is putting along at third, hitting .250/.300/.393. Jhonny Peralta has been the biggest disappointment, hitting .230/.284/.360 with 25 strikeouts in his first 100 at-bats. Jason Michaels is slugging just .287 during his first month in the American League.