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Opening Day Thread

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I'm envious of those who aren't working today; between ESPN and ESPN2, couch potatos can watch these games today and tonight:

1:00 PM Washington @ New York
2:00 PM Boston @ Texas
4:00 PM Atlanta @ Los Angeles
7:00 PM San Diego @ San Francisco
10:00 PM New York @ Oakland

Paul Hoynes confirms that if CC Sabathia goes on the DL, Fausto Carmona will replace him in the rotation. Actually, the Indians might call up a bullpen arm in the short-term because of all the upcoming off days.

There's a good possibility that Phillips will be dealt in the next couple of days, and there are some clubs interested in Kazuhito Tadano.

Also check out armchairgm, where Dan Lewis has set up a 2006 season wiki.