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Game Thread: April 26, 2006

Season 106, Game 21

Boston (13-7) at Cleveland (10-10), 7:05 PM (STO/ESPN)

Starting Pitchers:

Boston: Tim Wakefield (1-3, 3.71 ERA)
Cleveland: Cliff Lee (1-1, 3.33 ERA)

For all the moaning and wailing about the pitching staff, the hitting has for the most part been excellent. Casey Blake, Whipping Boy Extraordinaire, is hitting .369/.453/.569. Both Victor Martinez and Travis Hafner have OPSs over 1.000. Heck, Ben Broussard is hitting .377/.421/.547 thus far.

Former Indian Josh Bard should be in the lineup tonight. He's the designated catcher for Tim Wakefield's fluttering knuckleballs.